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Producer Information

Who makes our “Pineapple Dreams” recycled bags?

Located at the northern end of Sumatra Island in Indonesia, is a unique place where good things come together. By using an environmentally friendly product concept and a working force of uneducated village women this organization has created unprecedented income opportunities for a disadvantaged community. The Green Pavilion is proud to offer you the beautiful and beautifully made Pineapple Dream handbags, totes and more.

The organization founded in 2006 is an ethical trade enterprise and has supplied the following.

Our products:

We collect used materials available in and around the village and recycle them into beautiful practical products for your everyday pleasure. Among the materials we use are bottle tops, cans, fashion magazines, sacks, dried leaves and flowers, motorcycle tyres and more.          

Home industry opportunities:

Our home working concept is designed to allow village women to work as subcontractors and create their own income without interrupting their traditional house hold duties. We provide “take home” pay per piece jobs for women who nurse young children, we buy collected waste they find around and we provide flexible opening hours of our warehouse to meet a time schedule that is convenient to them. By providing women with the opportunity to make their own money we are giving them the chance to be independent, as well as improving their status in their family. Currently the home industry contractor team includes fifty people.

Job opportunities:

The organization currently employs fifteen people. All of them, from the bottom to the top positions are local village women trained by us. The religious background of our employees is diverse. We hire employees from all different religions and ethnic groups living in the village.                                              

Wages and bonuses:

Wages range from 30,000 Rupiah (about $3) per day, to up to 5 Million Rupiah (about $500) per month for our plant manager. The daily average national income in Indonesia is 15,000 Rupiah (about $1.50). Overtime rate is double (X2) the standard daily working hours rate. Employees that are with us for a year or more are granted a yearly bonus that is equivalent to one months salary. This bonus is granted to Christians before Christmas and Muslims before Idul Fitri.

Meal and Medical allowances

Employees in managing positions are entitled to a daily meal allowance of 5,000 Rupiah (about $0.50). All employees are entitled to a medical allowance of upto 700,000 Rupiah (about $70) a year. Special cases are subject to review by the management.

Working conditions and safety

Our facilities are two buildings equipped with air conditioning. We have 4 bathrooms, 2 kitchens and a tiled floor. Our buildings are at ground level. All four main production halls have exit doors allowing direct access to outside in case of an emergency. Since our products are handmade, the manufacturing process does not pose safety concerns as those posed by machine processed products. First aid equipment is available and the nearest medical clinic to our plant is about 1,000 feet away.  


Our 2 buildings have in total 5 bedrooms which are available free of charge for employees who are interested in using them. 

Benefits for the community:

Our use of materials that were once considered rubbish, has created a new resource for the community from which they can benefit. In addition, the organization facilitates the flow of incoming funds into the community from an outside source. This stimulates community trade activities and assists local businesses that are not directly linked to Pineapple Dreams bag production.                                                 

Future project – promoting education:

Our commitment to the community doesn’t stop here. Our future plan is to help our employees and subcontractors find their way out of the circle of poverty and to promote the importance of education. By subsidizing tuition we hope to make an impact on the young generation of the community.